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Experience Oud-based scents’ premium aroma and power with our Oud Attar in Pakistan!

Usman Baig brings quality fragrance that fascinates you. Oud Attar, also known as Oudh or Agarwood, is a classic scent famous in Pakistan for centuries. Our Oud attar ensures to give you a rich, woody scent derived from the resinous heartwood of the Agar tree. So whenever you want to use oud attar, we are always at your back to give you quality and long-lasting scents. Browse our original Oud attar collection and buy Oud attar online at a very reasonable Oud attar price in Pakistan.

Our Oud Attar has been highly valued in Pakistan for years. Its rich, intoxicating fragrance makes it perfect for traditional use in perfumes, incense, and religious ceremonies.

Usman Baig has also gained popularity in recent years as a luxury fragrance provider that has been used by many people in Pakistan and around the world. We take great honor in our craft and use methods that produce the original, non-alcoholic, highest quality, Oud Attar.

Original Arabian Oud attar in Pakistan to get a fragrance that captivates

Oud attar is popular for being a warm, woody, complex, and long-lasting scent, and it continues to be a well-liked fragrance today. With our oud attar in Pakistan, you can enjoy this Arabian attar for its unique and captivating fragrance. We make sure to provide you rich, woody aroma deeply ingrained in the traditions and customs of the Pakistani people.

For many people, fragrance is essential to their daily routine or personal style. So add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit or occasion with our original oud attar as your go-to perfume or cologne. You can also create a great atmosphere in a home or gift this soulful fragrance to your loved ones.

We provide you with a unique and versatile fragrance in the form of an attar that you will enjoy using for its many benefits and applications.

Why should you choose Usman Baig for the original Oud Attar in Pakistan?

Choosing us for Oud Attar will be worth it because we can provide high-quality authentic products. We serve both men and women with an on-the-go oud fragrance suitable for all. We have the great experience and understanding to source the right ingredients and create potent, long-lasting, and safe products. Additionally, we have a wide range of Oud Attar products so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Long-lasting scent

Oud Attar has a rich, woody aroma that lasts long, making it ideal for people who want their fragrance to linger throughout the day. You can get Arabian oud attar as well from us. We also have another attar collection that fascinates you a lot.

Natural fragrance

We understand your need for concentrated non-alcoholic oud-based perfumes. So we make sure that oud attar is made from natural ingredients such as agarwood oil, giving it a unique, distinctive scent that cannot be replicated in synthetic fragrances.

Therapeutic properties 

Oud Attar is famous for its calming and relaxing properties, making it a great fragrance when you feel stressed or anxious. Our unique scent of Oud Attar gives a pleasant experience to your senses, enhances mood and lifts spirits, and boosts confidence.

Luxury & affordability 

People believe Oud Attar is a luxury fragrance associated with wealth, opulence, and sophistication. So, we at Usman Baig help you get this luxury at the budgeted prices. Get your favorite at the original oud attar price in Pakistan.


Why oud attar is so valuable?

One of the reasons why Oud Attar has so highly valued is due to its rarity. The Agarwood tree is endangered, and its resinous heartwood is difficult to obtain. It has resulted in a limited supply of Oud Attar, further increasing its value.

What are the benefits of having an oud attar in Pakistan?

Oud Attar has many benefits, including its calming ways, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, the scent of Oud Attar has wide use in aromatherapy, as it has believed to have a relaxing result on the mind. So, Oud Attar in Pakistan will be a smart choice if you are looking for a pure process to promote relaxation or simply enjoy a beautiful fragrance.

What is the difference between oud attar and other perfumes?

The main difference between Oud Attar and other perfumes is their fragrance profile. Oud Attar has a distinct, strong, and long-lasting scent. Other natural perfumes may have a more delicate and subtle aroma, depending on the ingredients used. Our Oud Attar is a unique and highly valued natural perfume. It has a distinct fragrance profile compared to other natural perfumes.

What is the original oud attar price in Pakistan?

Original oud attar is expensive. So Usman Baig, as an affordable attar brand, brings this high quality and long-lasting valuable attar at a pretty affordable price.

Is Oud attar safe to use, and are there any side effects?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use. We give original oud attar to our customers. So you can use the oud attar without having any allergies or side effects