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Attar is a traditional perfume that has been used in Pakistan for generations. Usman Baig brings Attar, made from natural elements like flowers, herbs, and spices distilled into a fragrant oil. So whenever you want long-lasting and quality fragrance, we can be your ideal destination to get attar in Pakistan.

Our ittar in Pakistan is made with high-quality ingredients designed to stay on your skin for hours, leaving you feeling confident and smelling amazing. So whether you are casting about a classic floral scent or something more exotic, you will find the perfect attar in Pakistan at our shop. Our attar fragrance is long-lasting and has therapeutic properties making us popular as the best place to buy attar online in Pakistan.

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Are you seeking a unique and elegant fragrance embodying your personality at pocket-friendly costs? Look no further and enjoy affordable attar price in Pakistan for all of Usman Baig’s attar collections. We have attars made from the finest natural ingredients carefully blended to create an enchanting aroma. Moreover, we are passionate about creating the most exquisite attars that leave a lasting impression and don’t burden your budget. At Usman Baig, we care about your love for unique and long-lasting attars; bring the attar perfume at the best ever prices. Thus, buy as many of attar fragrances of your favorite scents that will spark everyone’s attention.

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We believe attars are an eternal source of happiness. So we ensure to develop materials that are of the best and environmentally friendly; we use only natural ingredients. It means that our fragrances are good for you and more promising for the environment. You can buy an attar online from us as well or visit our website for quality-assured attars in Pakistan.

At Usman Baig, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and unique. So we carefully craft our attars to help you achieve this feeling. Furthermore, our products are perfect for any event, whether you need a fragrance for a night out in the area or a whole day at the office.

Our team is passionate about generating the most exquisite fragrances that will leave a lasting impression. So why not try one of our attars today and experience the magic of Usman Baig? Feel free to browse our collection and choose the perfect scent that truly embodies your personality and style. Thank you for choosing Ittar in Pakistan from Usman Baig to get the best quality and fragrance.

Get a wide variety of attar for men and enjoy the best fragrances

Attars, also known as ittars, are natural perfume oils and carry various perks. Men use attars for a variety of purposes. So we make sure that our attar perfume curates all these benefits for you and meets your expectations.

  • Enduring Fragrance

Our Attar fragrance is known for its long-lasting and potent fragrance, making it a popular choice for men’s perfumes.

  • Variety

At Usman Baig, attar comes in a wide range of scents, from floral to spicy. So you can easily find the attar fragrance that best fits your personality.

  • Therapeutic Benefits

Our attars are soothing, calming, and relaxing. So they offer therapeutic benefits, such as relaxing the mind, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation.

  • Spiritual and religious purposes

Divine fragrances of attar drive spiritual benefits. Attars are also used in many religious and spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer.

  • Traditional Ceremonies

Our attars also fit your needs to wear a unique fragrance in traditional ceremonies like weddings and festivals. Carry the aroma of your best-loved attar and shine with confidence.

  • Alternative To Perfumes

Attar fragrance can be a great natural alternative to synthetic perfumes and colognes and can offer a unique and pleasing scent.

Why should you choose Usman Baig for attar fragrance in Pakistan?

  • One stop for attar in Pakistan

Whether you’re looking for something floral, woody, oriental, or fresh, we have something for everyone in our attar online collection.

  • Tradition

Attar has a long history and has deeply rooted in many cultures, making it a meaningful and traditional way to scent your body or home.

  • Friendly Service

We take honor in our user-friendly customer service. Also, we ensure that every customer that orders attar online has satisfaction with their purchase.

  • Extremely Natural

We source only premium-quality organic matter from essential oils, natural extracts, to other elements to create our fragrances.

  • Long-lasting

Attar has a long-lasting fragrance that can last for hours, even days, depending on the quality of the product.

  • Aromatherapy

We believe that using attar can have a therapeutic effect on the mind. Certain scents are calming, while others are invigorating.

  • Attar price in Pakistan

Our economical prices for in-store and attar online let you connect with nature, feel happiness and carry on the tradition of using attar without spending much.


Attar is a concentrated perfume oil made from natural elements like flowers, herbs, and spices. It is extracted using a traditional distillation process that involves heating the ingredients and collecting the produced aromatic oils.

Attar is different from other perfumes because it has made from a natural process. Also, it does not include any dilution with alcohol or other chemicals. It is a pure and concentrated fragrance that is long-lasting and more complex than synthetic fragrances.

Yes, 100% it is safe. Attars have typically made with natural ingredients such as essential oils, carrier oils, and botanical extracts. So they are generally considered safe and suitable for every skin type. You can buy an attar in Pakistan from us at a very affordable rate.

Attar lasts at least more than 2-3 days. The longevity of the attar depends on various facts, such as the quality of the material used, the storage conditions, and the frequency of use. Generally, our high-quality attar can last for several days if stored properly in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Yes, we do. You can buy an attar online from us. You can browse our link and find the one that you need. Our attar price in Pakistan is very affordable and convenient for everyone.