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Add beautiful scents to your life with our exclusive range of Bakhoor in Pakistan 

Usman Baig is Pakistan’s trusted fragrances, attars, and incense brand. Bakhoor carries a unique and ideal fragrance for any occasion, powered with subtle aromas that evoke the garden’s scents. Our exclusive range of bakhoor is made from various ingredients containing synthetic aromatic elements. Our bakhoor is made by cooking indirectly on fire or baking.

Now you can shop this elite Bakhoor in Pakistan from our online store and enjoy the enormous Bakhoor benefits. You can use Usman Baig Bakhoor for any holy event at your house or casually in the office for a refreshing environment. It is not only a fragrance but a feeling of purity and relaxation.


What is Bakhoor? 

Usman Baig Bakhoor is an aromatic woodchip and a combination of traditional components soaked in scented oils. These blend with musk, floral oils, sandalwoods, and other natural ingredients.

Buying our bakhoor in Pakistan allows you to burn them yourself in the house with our finest bakhoor burners by following the below process.

  •  Put the charcoal disk in the bakhoor burner
  •  Apply fire to the plate till the coal sparkles.
  •  When you observe the gray ash on the top, your disc will be hot enough to put Bakhoor
  •  Place bakhoor in the disk and enjoy the aroma.

When you have the burner process, cool the burner with a clay dish to choke the coal plate and wipe out the coal after being assured it is cool.


Bakhoor Benefits – Enchanting fragrance for positivity

Our high-end bakhoor helps you improve mental peace and is perfect for meditation purposes. According to our best quality control measures, our bakhoor helps you as a tonic, aphrodisiac, and diuretic addition to your life.

So we deal in the best Bakhoor in Pakistan to help you gain all these perks for your house and lifestyle. Also, we craft our Bakhoor incense with premium quality materials to keep up with the maximum heat efficiency.


Why choose Usman Baig for Bakhoor Online Pakistan?

  • At Usman Baig, we take pride in offering the finest incense comprised of the best ingredient at the most affordable bakhoor price in Pakistan.
  • Looking for a soothing smell to unwind after a long day? We have the original bakhoor for you. Enjoy our Bakhoor’s lingering, long, mesmerizing fragrance.
  • With a variety of bakhoor, we primarily introduce our two best bakhoor in Pakistan: Machine Bakhoor and Wood Bakhoor, to enjoy bakhoor benefits at maximum.
  • Along with the best quality and colors for the bakhoor, we offer our customers free delivery of our natural organic incense to your doorstep.



How long does a bakhoor burn?

Each bakhoor (wood) burns for at least 40 minutes. Otherwise, you can find the mentioned time in the product description because some burn longer than this.

Does Bakhoor cause any skin allergy or asthmatic problems?

Bakhoor is medically safe and doesn’t cause any skin allergies or asthmatic problems. Also, you can rub this aromatic oil on your skin or burn the wood chips on charcoal. However, using bakhoor more than twice a week was three times more likely to upset the child’s breathing as compared to no use of bakhoor. So it doesn’t cause any asthmatic problems.

What is the bakhoor price in Pakistan?

Choose real bakhoor here. When you buy bakhoor online Pakistan from Usman Baig, you can enjoy fantastic prices that are more affordable than the other shops.