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About Us

Our Journey

We are all about the scent of happiness with timeless appeal. We have been crafting fragrances as well as best caps & ittars for the last six years. Since the beginning, we have been drawn into the scented world of fragrances with the vision to grow this iconic fragrant business to people across the globe. Our fragrances for all of your moods & budget are imported from the most famous countries in terms of fragrance, including Arab countries, Malaysia, Thailand, Switzerland, Cambodia, France, Turkey, and India. We are set right according to the principles to maintain our incredible legacy by providing you with the highest quality shopping experience.

The team at Usman Baig Fragrances is comprised of experienced professional sellers who understand your needs and personal preferences. We source and sell the products including best caps & ittars from the international market at the most competing prices. Since the time our digital shop was launched, we are proud to offer not only high-quality, affordable scents but the highest quality shopping experience. We are on the mission to provide people using mediocre scents the high-quality scents with full affordability. Starting from our homeland, we are now exporting our products, including caps, ittars, perfumes, and scarves worldwide.

best caps & ittars


We are a leading brand of perfume experts in Lahore, Pakistan. While making a purchase from us,
rest assured that you are in good hands. Whether it is about best caps & ittars, scarves, perfume
oils or ittars, we manufacture the most valuable products while keeping the cost minimal. To further
show our commitment & love to the fashion industry, we are now planning to add further
fashion products in our outlets, including clothing for both men & women and other fashion
essentials. Usman Baig Fragrances, the name of ultimate trust and reliability, promises to give
you confidence in local high-end products with unbiased advice every time you shop!


We are focused on providing organic perfumes, personalised fragrance consultations, affordable perfume oils, best caps & ittars. Additionally, our highly manufactured scents give an eccentric & exclusive boost of freshness with the extensive selection of products ranging from hot-selling perfumes to miniatures and other testers. With our offices in Lahore and Peshawar with retail in other cities of Pakistan, we are now on the mission to expand our business chain. Our all-organic fragrances replicating natural scents provide high-end scent alternatives to people having a lower price range as well as a flexible budget. Additionally, we are planning to sell our franchise in order to increase our credibility only with trusted partnerships.

best caps & ittars


Right now, we are providing the widest range of perfumes, best caps & ittars, and oils across Pakistan. So whether you are
after to treat yourself or looking for a gift, we have the perfect perfume for you with the right load over your pocket. We
help our clients to reach the best perfume that eventually creates wonderful yet unforgettable memories. We believe in
delivering professionalism & a high-quality experience. Therefore we capitalise on premium perfumes, best caps & ittars,
and other beauty essentials by offering the highest industry standards. Our main objectives include:


To provide natural organic
perfumes in an affordable range.


To spread the word of all-natural
perfumes with ever-lasting fragrance.


To enhance the scent of high-end
organic perfumes with unique spice.