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UsmanBaig Fragrance

Exceedingly delicious, spicy, and seductive perfumes in Pakistan

Every journey of you demands some exquisite scents and chronicles. Take your charisma to the next level with the most exotic perfumes in Pakistan. Usman Baig introduces the peculiar and glamorous ornamental insignia to add the feather of glory in your cap. We bring amazing everyday luxuries and products to rejuvenate your active living. For over many years, we have been selling the widest range of men’s and women’s appliques. We believe that life is short for adjusting to the ordinary, so we make sure that every day of your’s count with ageless adventure!
Usman Baig products stretch from Perfume for men & women to clothing and hence to every fashion necessity. Our products include from formal accessories to traditional accessories, including perfumes, clothing, hijabs, caps, attars, and many more. Your sophisticated style and modern shape should reflect your serenity and elegance. Therefore we bring the exclusive yet fantastic accessories collection to get you the ultimate sophistication!

Trending Perfumes in Pakistan to remove the bad odor quickly!

We bring the best perfume price in Pakistan for both Perfume for men & Perfume for women. Usman Baig fragrances have brought you the inexorable desire of smelling fresher and looking better. Not only that, but our perfumes are packed in sterling transparent glass bottles covered with a luxurious box. We have the scents to make your personality from impotent to intense in a fraction of seconds! Our branded perfumes in Pakistan with floral explosion release a profusion of various flowers to make everything more refreshing. So don’t let another second go, and grab your favorite low price perfume in Pakistan because our scents are built to give you the perfection you desire

Enchanting Perfume for men

Our perfumes always do something special with your personality. Now gain the ultimate boost in confidence with a single spritz. Our low price perfume for men in Pakistan with musky, floral, citrus, and ambery notes are magically exotic. Our perfumes in Pakistan are one of the most demanding scents due to the intense notes with a blend of spice to bring up men’s personalities on any occasion.!

Sweet yet refreshing Perfume for women

You have just hit rock bottom if you are in search of signature perfume for women in Pakistan. We are a manufacturer that deals in only the original perfumes in Pakistan. We believe that your Perfume should be timelessly wearable on any occasion. Therefore, our perfume shop for women holds the most seductive perfumes. The Perfume explodes with super feminine floral, orange blossom, and vanilla scents are the kind of perfumes people stop and surely ask about!

The best perfume shop with fascinating perfumes in Pakistan

We know the inability of language to capture the nuances of scents. So at our perfume shop, you can find the low price perfumes that can associate you with places and memories you don’t want to forget about. We guarantee that no other perfume shop can sell or compare to our top quality authentic low price perfume in Pakistan. We sell a huge variety of original perfumes in Pakistan at unbeatable prices without any splurging!

Perfumes in Pakistan with fashion & function on point!

We are much more than a simple perfume shop. We believe that a glorious class never goes out of style. So besides having the perfumes at the best perfume price in Pakistan, we also deal in various other fashion accessories. Our fashion range includes all women’s clothing, Hijabs, caps, attars, oils, and many more. So as a centralized shop for your fashion needs, we provide the luxury that everyone can afford!

Best perfume oil

Attar and perfumes are considered as one of the most beautiful gifts given to someone. Our best attars and best perfume oils are considered as the embodiments of luxury for people these days. The exotic world of Usman baig’s best perfume oils nudges your senses, as well as put you into a beautiful state of mind. The exquisite aroma of the best perfume oils is something beyond beatable.

Best Attars

Apart from the best perfume oils, our best attars are also something that should not be neglected. Our splendid range of best attars can make you radiate and scented the inside out. As attars are concentrated forms of perfumes, so they are available in ornate bottles at our perfume shop. Apply at pulse points, behind ears, inside the elbow, and behind the neck to enjoy maximum longevity and lasting.

Women clothing

Usman Baig perfume shop is a fusion of branded perfumes and other fashion accessories. Our high-quality fashion products cover a large number of categories. Our excellent shopping environment for all genders and ages is what makes us unique. Our shop is a place where women can satisfy their desire to have the unique and latest dress designs. We care about your unspoken needs hence do every single thing that we can to keep you aligned with the latest dress designs at the most affordable costs.


Our hijabs are not just pretty but represent the years of Pakistani culture. Carefully sewn with beaded embellishments is not just for viewing pleasures but to ensure the wearer feels comfortable, fashion-forward, and beautiful as well. Besides symbolizing the religion Islam, it also dignifies the women and encourages them to keep wearing the finely sewn hijabs to cover their heads.

Exclusive caps

Caps from our exclusive collection are the caps that you will never find on every corner. Vibrant yet unusual colors, special designs, delicate embroidery, and various sizes can get you the exquisite experience ever. No matter if you are looking for a kufi, peci, topi, or araqiyeh, we have got your day-to-day attire covered. Now wear the most economical exclusive caps to cover your heads before kneeling down in prayers.